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By being a Finder at FindersCrowd, you receive commission when you solve various business assignments by finding, matching, and recommending interesting people via your social network.

Anyone is welcome to become a Finder

Anyone can become a Finder with us. As a Finder, you use your own social network of friends and business professionals to help companies solve various assignments, while helping your friends find great services, products and jobs. If your referrals and recommendations are successful, you will receive compensation. The amount depends on the type of assignment and it is always shown in the detailed description of each assignment.

All parties become winners

The best thing about FindersCrowd is that all parties become winners on each assignment. You as a Finder will receive a commission when your referral leads to a resolved assignment. For example, if the assignment is about recruitment or other skills, the person you have recommended may also get a signing bonus, in addition to the joy of getting a new interesting job. If it´s a company you are referring and if the assignment, for instance, is about finding a new tenant for an office space, the company can get a rental discount through FindersCrowd. Last, but not least, the client gets his assignment solved, usually very quickly and at a cost that is often less than other options. A real win-win-win situation!

Commission-based compensation

Unlike most other jobs, this does not depend on how much time you spend, but rather on the results of your referrals and recommendations. You can work from anywhere in the world, at any time and exactly as much as you want! Perhaps you have a good job today that you like, but want to make some extra money in a simple way while sitting on the subway or bus, on your way to and from work? It's up to you. All you need is a phone with internet access and your own existing network.

Different income opportunities

Solve various assignments published for our Finders, through referrals and recommendations. The level of commission depends on the type of assignment.
Refer new customers to FindersCrowd and receive 10% commission of the first assignment the new customer completes through FindersCrowd.
Communicate individual referrals on specific business opportunities directly to FindersCrowd, without any officially published assignment. The level of commission depends on the assignment.

Examples of assignments

  • Recruitment / Headhunting
    Recommend matching candidates
  • Assignments for consultants
    Recommend new clients and new assignments
  • Innovation projects
    Recommend improvements and developments
  • Subscription services
    Recommend new customers
  • Rental of premises
    Recommend suitable tenants
  • Business education
    Recommend relevant and interested participants
  • Interim management
    Recommend available contractors
  • Finance / Investments
    Recommend relevant companies
...and many more

Different ways to pay out your commission

If you have your own company, we'll create an invoice for you for the assignments you managed to complete. You will receive the payment as soon as we receive payment from our client / customer.
If you don´t have your own company for invoicing, we offer an easy solution together with major self-employment companies. They handle, administer and pay your FindersCrowd commission as soon as we receive payment from our client / customer.
All commission specified in FindersCrowd is gross and corresponds to the same amount that a company would invoice another company with. If you choose to get the commission paid as a regular salary, social security contributions, taxes and any fees payable to the self-employment company will be deducted from the gross amount before the net amount will be paid to you.
Tips for new Finders
In order to ensure that high quality referrals and recommendations are submitted, it may be good to start by calling the person or persons you are considering referring and making sure that they really are interested. This can result in a higher rating and lead to a number of advantages over those Finders who have not yet received a high rating. For instance, you can get access to the most interesting and highest paid assignments, often a day or two before they are published to other Finders.

Do you also want to become a Finder?

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