Referral Management and Marketing

Why use FindersCrowd?

FindersCrowd is a software (SAAS) tool that helps organisations simply and effectively manage referrals and tips from employees, customers and other stakeholders

FindersCrowd provides all you need to create and solve assignments across areas such as recruiting, sales and innovation… at the same time increasing engagement and loyalty


Are you tired of manually managing your referrals via email and excel? In FindersCrowd you can quickly and easily create an exclusive network of co-workers, customers or partners that can help you solve business assignments.

FindersCrowd enables fast and easy administration of even a large organization’s referrals program via a dashboard that gives you a program overview and allows you to create assignments, set and manage rewards, check status, communicate and follow up on tips all from the one place.


In addition to saving time and effort, FindersCrowd can increase the effectiveness of your referrals programs by making it simple for your network to use their own extended networks to solve assignments. Full support is provided for sharing via social media channels. You can even engage FindersCrowd’s own public crowd to solve your assignments.


Through use of rewards, competitions and ‘gamification’ features, FindersCrowd helps you increase engagement of employees, customers and partners. FindersCrowd can even increase loyalty. A survey by iCims has shown that employees who find their work through a recommendation from someone at the company (ie a referral) have higher loyalty and stay on average 70% longer than someone who responds to an advertisement! And it works the other way too – engaged employees who recommend their company to others stay on average 20% longer than those that don’t refer.

Marketing with FindersCrowd

FindersCrowd can also be used in marketing, to engage customers, partners and even employees to refer potential customers. Marketing research has consistently shown that the most influential form of ’advertising’ is direct recommendation from a friend or colleague.

In a recent Nielsen survey, an incredible 84 percent of respondents across 58 countries considered this to be the most trustworthy source of information. A similar survey by Wharton showed that customer who were acquired via referral were 25% more profitable and 4-5 times more likely to in turn refer new csutomers themselves.

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