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FindersCrowd is a cloud-based SaaS service that quickly, easily and cost-effectively helps you solve various business assignments. Through our Finders and their extensive private business networks, you reach thousands of potential employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Our Finders are ordinary people who work as salespeople, sales managers, marketers, consultants, technicians, HR managers, bloggers, influencers and many other professions.

Through their work and past experiences, they have created close relationships with decision makers, colleagues and customers. This gives them a good overview of their social network and they know who needs what and when.

Do you need help with different types of assignments?

It can be everything from finding the right person to hire to finding the right tenants to your office space. Through our extensive network of Finders, most assignments can be solved within a short period of time. Usually, someone in the network already knows someone who needs exactly what is offered. In addition, the referral comes with a recommendation from the Finder who submitted it.

Examples of assignments

  • Finding candidates for recruitment
  • Finding new assignments for consultants
  • Finding participants for business education
  • Innovation tasks
  • Finding tenants to your office premises
  • Finding retailers of your company's products
  • Finding new subscribers to different B2B services and products
  • Finding contacts for overseas establishments
...and many more

A major advantage of using FindersCrowd compared to traditional alternatives is that you might find very interesting candidates, people and opportunities before they are even available in the open market.

In addition, we take care of all administration, such as keeping track of who referred to whom, how the reward is to be distributed, who first referred, as well as any problem with payments to non-employed individuals who do not have a company to invoice from. As a business, you only need to relate to a single party - FindersCrowd.

Want to know more about how your company can benefit from FindersCrowd? We would be happy to tell you more.
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